Art By Opoku: A Tribute To Peter Drucker

Art by Opoku “A Tribute to Peter Drucker”

Portrait, Sculpture and Other Art Works

November 2nd to 27th, 2009


Claremont Community Foundation 

205 S. Yale Avenue

Claremont, CA 91711

Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri 9 am – 5 pm 


Artist pays tribute to friend, mentor Drucker

Imani Tate, Staff Writer

The friendship formed between Acheampong and the man whose pioneering philosophy and strategies shaped successful management techniques used by corporations, countries and organizations worldwide has borne positive fruit for Acheampong’s energies.

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GHAMA School


Ghana Academy of Music and Art (GHAMA) is a non-profit educational program dedicated to the development of Music and Art education in Ghana. GHAMA consists of exemplary music and art teachers from America and Ghanaian craftsmen and musicians offering instruction on a mixed of instruments and artistic styles. GHAMA seeks to nurture hidden musical and artist talent of young Boys and Girls from Ghana, ages 7 to 21 years. GHAMA celebrates diversity in Ghanaian cultural music and the riches of American jazz and classical music. Build lasting relationship between Ghana and America through the share interest in Music and Visual Art.


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Man takes love of music to children in Ghana

By Michael Fitzgerald-recordnet
Art & Culture | Sun, 14 Sep 2008


Our Man in Ghana.

Torrey Stadtner, 53, a Stockton nurse and musician, recently took oboes and recorders to the Ghanaian village of Kibi to help start a music school.

There’s a connection between Stockton and Kibi, a mostly unpaved mining village of 10,000 nestled in a forested mountain valley 55 miles northwest of the capital, Accra.

In 1969, a Stockton man exploring his roots in Ghana, John Guyton, befriended a young Kibi villager and persuaded him to attend college in Stockton.

Opoku Acheampong, then 19, attended San Joaquin Delta College and later University of the Pacific.

En route to earning an urban planning degree, Acheampong became fast friends with Dr. David and Tasha Stadtner, Torrey’s parents.

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Board of Directors




   Opoku Acheampong, Co-Founder & Chairman


B.A. Economics with minor in Sociology, University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

Msc.  Urban and Regional Planning, Cal Poly University, Pomona, CA 

EMBA Certificate, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA

Strategy in Trade and Economic Development, St. Peter’s College, Oxford University

Hobby:  Sculpture, Painting and Drawing.

Member: American Planning Association, Institute of Transportation Engineers, Association of Environmental Professionals.



   Mr. Torrey Stadtner, Co-Founder & Vice Chairman


A.A. in Nursing, San Joaquin Delta College

B.A. History, University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA  

MSc. in Nursing, University of California, San Francisco  

Hobby:  Oboe player, Music Festivals, Aikido, and Tennis.            

Member:  International Double Reed Society.



   Mr. Aung M. Naing, Executive Secretary

B.Sc. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles

President & co-founder, Network of Myanmar (Burmese) American Association

Chairman, Burmese Complete Count Committee partnership with US Census Bureau  

Myanmar (Burmese) Arts Council, Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, CA


   Mr. John Ziemienski, Executive Director 

B.A. Music Education, Music Composition and Education

M.A. Music Technology, California State University, Sacramento, CA.




   Mrs. Welma Fu, Director of Ghana and Asian Cultural Exchange Programs

BA in Advertising Communications, University of Kansas, Lawrence.KS   




   Jay Maddox, Director of Music Theory & Orchestration


B.A. Music Management, Minor in Business Management, University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

A.A. Music Education, Los Medanos, CA

Vice President, Beta Pi Chapter Phi Mu Alpha Sinfornia National Music Fraternity

Director, Music in the Schools, a non-profit group for Stockton Unified School District




     Mr. Giulio M. Ongaro, Ph.D. Technical Advisor to the Board

Dean, Conservatory of Music

University of the Pacific, Stockton, California




   Ms. Flavia Maria Robin, Special Advisor to the Board







    Mr. Opoku -Acheampong, Chairman of the Board 







   Mr. Markus Baisch, Conductor and Director of Ghana Youth Ochestra






    Mr. Isaac  Annor, Ghana National Symphony Orchestra, Board Member 




    Ms. Adelaide Ofori, Africa Majesty, Board Member 



    Prof.  Emeritus J. H. Kwabena Nketia, Board Member                                                                               University of Ghana, Legon









Founded in 2008, by Opoku  Acheampong and Torrey Stadtner, two passionate individuals committed to ART and MUSIC education for physically challenged, especially blind, Deaf, and Orphaned children of Ghana.

About Us




The Ghana Academy of Music and Art (GHAMA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to Music and Art education accessible to all children of Ghana.




GHAMA seeks to promote musical talents and artistic abilities of disadvantaged boys and girls to enhance general education, and develop skills to improve quality of life. Adults with interest in music and art are welcome.

GHAMA consists of Musicians, Educators, Artist and Performers from America, Ghana, and around the world.

GHAMA serves as a vehicle of opportunity for children of America and Ghana to exchange ideas and to nurture creativity through joint music performances and Art exhibitions.

GHAMA aims to build a bridge of friendship to promote cultural understanding, creativity, and leadership through music and art collaboration. Cultivate future goodwill ambassadors, humanity, and better world citizens.



The Ghana Academy of Music and Art is the first non-profit, tax-exempt school to be established in Ghana.  Funded through in-kind donations and generosity of people like you! ! ! 


Founded in 2008, by OPOKU ACHEAMPONG, and TORREY STADTNER, two passionate individuals committed to ART and MUSIC education for the physically challenged, especially blind, Deaf, and Orphaned Children of Ghana.